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Gold Star Family Restaurant

650 Rochester Rd
Leonard MI 48367
Gold Star Family Restaurant has always been one of our favorite places to stop and enjoy a hearty breakfast, whether with our family or with a bunch of friends after a late night of drinking! There is no better hangover cure than a morning meal at Gold Star. The pancakes are some of the best that we have ever tasted, super fluffy and just unbelievably delicious. Their eggs are always cooked perfectly to order too, which unfortunately is too hard to find nowadays at most restaurants! They're great for lunch and dinner as well. Highly recommended.

Lakeville Inn

1318 Rochester Rd
Leonard MI 48367
They've really got noteworthy service at this old fashioned inn. Some of the friendliest folks that we have ever encountered. They work really hard to ensure that you have a sublime time while in their establishment, and they always check in to make sure that everything is good from the food to the brewskis. We especially enjoy the deck that overlooks the lake. Talk about a beautiful view while you dine and drink. The prime rib is probably our favorite thing to order here, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Great place to go.

Bear Paw Cafe

1363 Rochester Rd
Leonard MI 48367
Bear Paw Cafe gets a very warm mention here, because we've relied on them so many times for their yummy deli sandwiches and other goodies. The best part of coming here is that you just feel so very comfortable while you're there, with the cute kitschy decor and the well-kept environment. It's super clean and inviting, and the waitstaff is even better, going out of their way to show you a wonderful time, double checking to make sure that everything is to your liking. Really a great mid-day stop for lunch or a quick snack while you're riding the party bus!

Isola's Pizzeria

80 Rochester Rd
Leonard MI 48367
When you are craving a mean pizza in the Addison Township and Leonard area, you really cannot go wrong with a quick pit stop to Isola's Pizzeria! They have some of the best tasting crust that we have ever encountered, plus the zestiest and most delicious sauce that's slathered on just right. Topped with just the perfect amount of melty cheese and fresh toppings, you will be in pizzeria heaven as you dive into each and every gooey slice. The cheese stretches a mile with each bite that you take! Irresistibly good, and great staff here too.

Pro Pizza & Grill

Oak Hill at Sashabaw
Oxford MI 48370
Another fabulous place for pizza, right nearby in Oxford, is Pro Pizza & Grill. We can't even count the many times that we have stopped in to enjoy their tasty food. The folks who work here have always welcomed us with a smile, and our party bus customers tell us that they have had the same pleasant experience when walking into this place too. Everything is super clean and tidy here, so you know at one glance that your pizza will be just as meticulously crafted. Truly the best of the best when it comes to pizza, right here in Oxford!