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Chaps Food & Spirits

23084 E Main St
Armada MI 48005
Chaps Food & Spirits is surely the favorite spot to dine in Armada. There aren't a lot of places to choose from in this town, but with quality like this, who needs variety? There's more than enough variety on this one menu as far as we're concerned. Friday is our favorite day to come in for those delicious King crab legs for just under fifteen bucks. They've also got excellent steaks and other seafood dishes here, and if you pair your meal with a beer you'll be pleasantly surprised to see it arrive in an old fashioned jar. If you want to keep it simple, opt for one of their famous burgers. Really excellent. There's not a huge liquor selection here, but the beer offerings are impressive. In keeping with the country theme and general ambiance of the area, you will find a jukebox packed full of country favorites. Fantastic spot for a date or a cozy dinner!

Papa's Family Restaurant

23056 E Main St
Armada MI 48005
Papa's Family Restaurant is one of those classic family style diners that delivers the old fashioned experience that you seek. We really enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere here, and the fact that it's always so clean and well-kept doesn't hurt matters either. If you're a lover of a good bread basket, you'll be very happy with theirs, which includes fresh bakery bread, breadsticks, crackers, and even Melba toast (our favorite!). They've got great fish and chips here, and we think that the soup of the day always pairs perfectly with that. The folks that work at Papa's are always in a good mood and definitely work hard to make your experience a pleasant one. Highly recommended.

Roma Village Italian Bistro

23010 E Main St
Armada MI 48005
If you're seeking a great pizza in Armada, look no further than Roma Village Italian Bistro. The crust is just perfect with its signature flavor, and when topped with their fresh tomato sauce, yummy cheese, and all the toppings you could ever desire, it's really the best of the best pizza in this city! Of course there's more to enjoy here than just pizza though. They've got great appetizers to split with your friends on the party bus, and of course fantastic Italian pasta dishes that are as authentic and delicious as you'll find in this area. Really fresh herb flavors round every dish out here and just make everything so irresistibly good. This is a frequent request among our customers. You'll love it!