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Stoagies Family Room Cafe

91 E Chicago St
Coldwater MI 49036
Stoagies Family Room Cafe is a great place for the whole family or for larger groups of friends too, perhaps traveling with Detroit Party Bus! They accept credit cards, so it's great for those of us that don't carry much cash, and the casual vibe means that anyone and everyone is welcome no matter their attire. The prices couldn't be any cheaper either! They've got free wi-fi here, but no TV. Note that they do not serve alcohol either. Our favorite thing here is the bagel with turkey, ham, and garlic cream cheese. Wonderful sandwiches too!

Los Tequilas

32 Railroad St
Coldwater MI 49036
Oh, what a wonderful place! Our party bus customers are really hooked on this one and they keep asking our chauffeurs to take them back time and time again for more fun times and more good food. We love the chips and salsa here, and it's cool that each person gets their own individual serving of salsa instead of all dipping from the same bowl. The combo meals are a great deal, but really so is everything else on the menu. They've got something for everybody here, including the kids! Highly recommended to any lovers of Mexican fare!

Allen's Root Beer Drive-In

378 W Chicago St
Coldwater MI 49036
One of the most fun places in all of Avon and Coldwater, you cannot go wrong with a stop at Allen's Root Beer Drive-In! It's so good, it will make you forget all about that classic A&W or the modern Sonic! They have an incredible 51 flavors of shakes to choose from here, including such tasty delights as hot fudge and Irish mint! Yum! The cole slaw is particularly delicious here, and we really love their onion rings too. Don't skip the root beer, because it comes in a frosty mug just like in the good old days, and it's so good. They've even got car hops too!

Hunt Club of Hillsdale

24 N Howell St
Hillsdale MI 49242
Hunt Club is one of our favorite places to go in this area for a nice cold brewski. It's got that Cheers vibe that everybody is always looking for, and that's definitely one of the reasons that our customers request this as a destination on such a regular basis! We love playing Michigan Lottery's Club Keno here while we nosh on deep fried pickles and suck down beer after ice cold beer. The steak bites are also a very nice choice, and if beer isn't what you're in the mood for, they've got nicely priced cocktails as well. Everything is good here from the food to the service!

Willows Bar

716 W Chicago Rd
Coldwater MI 49036
Willows Bar is a great little neighborhood bar in nearby Coldwater, with prices that are shockingly low and quality that is shockingly high! The attire here is casual, and they do accept credit cards. There's an outdoor seating area that the smokers really enjoy now that the smoking ban is in full effect, and they've got a nice selection of beers for even the choosiest beer drinker to enjoy. There's not a ton of room here, so if you're in a larger group on the party bus, you may want to take a peek at it before you decide. Very nice for smaller groups and intimate gatherings though.