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Berkley Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Mr Kabob

3372 Coolidge Hwy
Berkley MI 48072
Goodness, how we love Mr Kabob! We have been going to this tucked away little gem of a location for so many years now. It's hard to believe that it's found within a gas station, but please do not let that put you off! Everybody raves about this place. Talk about a diamond in the rough! They've got the greatest stuffed grape leaves that you will ever taste, the freshest hummus, and the most zesty and flavorful fattoush in all of Berkley. Of course that garlic sauce is the addictive stuff that dreams are made of, and you'll certainly want to dive into that! Highly recommended.

Nip N Tuck Restaurant

3170 11 Mile Rd
Berkley MI 48072
Don't let the name of Nip N Tuck Restaurant put you off – it sounds like it would be attached to a plastic surgeon's office, doesn't it? But no, the only thing that's getting a nip and a tuck here is the bill, because your prices will be so low, low, low that you won't believe it! This is by far our favorite breakfast place in all of Berkley, with the greatest western omelet in the world as far as we are concerned! The hash browns are so delectable and light and fluffy, just music to your ears... ahem, we mean taste buds. Very highly recommended any time of day!

The Panini Press

28983 Woodward Ave
Berkley MI 48072
This place gets crazy good reviews from just about everyone we know, and it is a frequent stop on our party bus trips to Berkley. They use local ingredients whenever possible, which makes this place high on our list of great restaurants, but at the end of the day it's all about that amazing flavor and they definitely provide that! The Tuscan Tribune is probably our favorite sandwich here, with grilled chicken, grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, pepper jack cheese, and hot spicy mayo. Delish! The Traverse City Times gets an honorable mention too, with apples, brie, black forest ham, and sweet mustard. Too good to be believed!

The Berkley Front

3087 12 Mile Rd
Berkley MI 48072
The Berkley Front is truly one of the best bars in all of southeast Michigan. Our customers are constantly asking for this as one of their destinations when they're traveling with Detroit Party Bus in Berkley. The beer selection is truly stellar, really extensive and just overall impressive, and when you combine that with the low prices, you have really got a beer lover's paradise! The ambiance is a little bit "dive bar"-ish, but who doesn't love that? They've also got a great jukebox, video games including Golden Tee, and pool for just a buck. We love it!

24 Seconds

3071 12 Mile Rd
Berkley MI 48072
Trying to find a great sports bar in Berkley? The spot is called 24 Seconds. They've got some really damn good food here (try the beef fajitas or the salmon burger!), wonderful drink specials that will help you save a few bucks while quenching that thirst, and of course a beer selection that is worth raving about. We enjoy checking out the sports memorabilia that decks the walls here, and of course watching the game on their TVs is always fun. The staff is cool and friendly, and always working hard to make sure that you're having a fantastic time.