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Bingham Cafe

30400 Telegraph Rd
Bingham Farms MI 48025
If you find yourself out in Bingham Farms and craving a really memorable breakfast or lunch, we would steer you straight toward Bingham Cafe. Their lunch specials are always wonderful to check out, and you won't believe the affordable prices here. For breakfast we tend to opt for the bagel sandwiches, because they're just packed with flavor and yet so quick and affordable. Note that you can only use a credit card if you spend over five dollars, so if you're grabbing a quick cheapie breakfast for yourself, be sure to stop at an ATM. This is just a casual little place where you don't feel that you have to get too dressed up to dine. Love it!

Soho Cafe

19739 W 12 Mile Rd
Southfield MI 49076
Soho Cafe is the place to get delicious soul food in this area. It's not too far away in nearby Southfield, but note that they're closed on both Sundays and Mondays. The interesting fact here is that they are mainly a catering business and the cafe is just a side business! However, as informal and quaint as it is, it is extremely professional and wonderfully done. The food is incredible. They do not serve alcohol here, and there's not much room for large groups, so you'll want to reserve this one for your outings with smaller groups. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Affordable too!

Hellenic Coney Island

28801 Evergreen Rd
Southfield MI 48076
This cozy little coney island is one of our favorite places to get our favorite coney island fare and Greek food. The Greek salad is particularly fresh and delicious here, with plenty of yummy feta cheese and tasty beets. And of course that dressing is to die for! The crew that works here are so friendly and fast with your order. You really feel right at home. If you're in a rush and need your meal fast, you simply will not find faster service than this! And did we mention the breakfasts? So delicious, and of course available 24 hours a day. You'll love this place.

The Berkley Front

3087 12 Mile Rd
Berkley MI 48072
You won't think twice about making that quick jaunt from Bingham Farms to Berkley when you find out all the wonderful things that await you at The Berkley Front. This is rumored to be one of the best bars in this area, and possibly in the whole state! The beer selection is just fantastic. Sure, the ambiance is a bit of a dive bar type of feeling, but come on, you know you love it. It's clean and cozy, and the staff is super friendly. The food is standard bar fare, but nicely made, and very tasty. Note that they've got half off appetizers on Mondays! Good deal!

Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro

155 S Bates St
Birmingham MI 48009
Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro is a pretty stellar place to taste those wonderful wines that you love, and their food almost outshines the wine, which says a lot! We love to start off with a charcuterie plate, and for our main dish, either the steak or the marinated octopus is always a good choice. They've got a wide variety of desserts to choose from too, but our favorite has always been the hot chocolate lava cake when it's available, followed by the blackberry cake with ice cream. Mmm, our mouths water just thinking about it! They've even got kimchi here!