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Brandon Township Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Union Woodshop

18 S Main St
Clarkston MI 48346
If you are a lover of barbecue and bar fare, then you definitely owe it to yourself to head on down to Union Woodshop in nearby Clarkston. They've got some really amazing stuff here that you will not find elsewhere, like butterscotch pudding and liquid nitrogen vanilla ice cream! Mouth watering, we tell ya! They've also got your bar favorites like deep fried pickles (can you say "yum"?) and really fantastic burgers. The portions are really huge, so you may have to take some home with you! Make sure to order the spicy Texas barbecue sauce, you will love it!

Victoria's Delights

12 S Washington St
Oxford MI 48371
If you love French food, you will love Victoria's Delights. We always love sitting by the window and watching the downtown view. The fish is an especially good choice here as it's always fresh and flavorful, and the steaks and other meat entrees are also very nice. For dessert, the key lime pie or creme brulee can't be missed. If you're really inspired by the cuisine that you're sampling, you just may want to sign up for their cooking classes. It's affordable and exciting, and a great thing to do perhaps with a party bus group of friends!


40 N Washington St
Oxford MI 48371
The sandwiches that you will find at 'wiches will blow all the competition right out of the water. It begins with their fresh baked goods that lends the most flavor to these exquisite sandwich creations. They pile on the toppings super high and even give you a free cookie. That's always good. They've also got really fantastic pizza! Try the Hawaiian pizza if you want something that's really a treat to your taste buds. Gluten-free pizza is available too! The fresh smoothes are also a very nice touch, either alongside your 'wich or on their own.

Valentino's Restaurant

185 S Broadway St
Lake Orion MI 48362
Valentino's in nearby Lake Orion is fantastic for celebrations or a special night out with someone you love. The pasta is what has our hearts here – beginning with the penne a la vodka (now those are some drunken noodles that we can definitely approve of!) and ending with the also vodka sauce-drenched spinach stuffed raviolis! OK, OK... we have a thing for vodka sauce! But you will too once you've tried it. The Italian wedding soup is also one of our favorite things in the world, and they definitely do it right here. For dessert, save room for the tres leches cake.

Carrie Lee's Chinese & American Food

3047 S Baldwin Rd
Lake Orion MI 48359
Have you heard about Carrie Lee's Chinese & American Food yet? If not, now you have, and now it's time to go try it! The abundance of delicious Chinese food here will really blow your mind. We love the wonton soup and the bean sprout egg rolls (old fashioned style!), and the chicken, beef, and shrimp dishes are all equally good! The General Tso's is unbelievable. If you want a cocktail, the volcano bowl is really memorable. It comes in a ceramic bowl with a real fiery volcano and dancing hula babes! Grab your grass skirt and get ready for fun.