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Louis' Chop House

50355 Gratiot Ave
Chesterfield MI 48051
Louis' Chop House is the number one place to go for a fine meal in Chesterfield. When you're traveling with Detroit Party Bus and wanting to celebrate something really special with all your good friends, this is really the place to go. The wine selection is really incredible, and quite the treat for any aspiring sommeliers out there. If you're a lover of steaks and prime rib, theirs are exquisitely aged and always have the best flavor around. If you're there for brunch, you'll really enjoy the array of items that they lay out for you, and if you're there for dessert, we suggest the tiramisu! If you love Fleming's and Ruth's Chris, you'll very much enjoy this place too. Highly recommended.

The Firehouse

48925 Gratiot Ave
Chesterfield MI 48051
You may have visited this place in the past when it was known as The Flying Machine, but nowadays it's The Firehouse. The hottest thing about this fiery little gem is the yummy food! They've got great barbecue ribs and you can get a half slab for just a little over ten bucks! They've got hot and spicy Buffalo wings that definitely quench our cravings for heat. The jaws of life burger is no joke – it's so big and delicious they'll need the jaws of life to pry it out of your hands! You won't want to let it go. Also be sure to try the char grilled chicken salad! It's so amazing with raisins, nuts, cheese, and eggs. So tasty! Excellent clam chowder here too.

Sugarbush Tavern

27900 21 Mile Rd
Chesterfield MI 48047
Lovers of walleye and perch dinners, listen up! Sugarbush Cantina is the place to indulge. They've got wonderful Captain Morgan steak bites here too, and as you can imagine, the flavor is just out of this world. They've got wonderful classic burgers to enjoy here too, plus yummy fries, onion rings, and cole slaw. The French onion soup is also just fantastic. Nice selection of drinks and prices that aren't too high! You can actually get a few beers and spend less than ten bucks on them. Pretty rare around here! There's live music here some nights, and that's always a treat. If you're looking for a place where you can catch the big game on TV, this is a high recommendation for that.

Stevi B's Pizza Buffet

50670 Waterside Dr
Chesterfield MI 48047
If you're looking for a really fun and casual place to go with your friends to nosh and chow down, Stevi B's Pizza Buffet is definitely a spot that you should check out. If you've been to other pizza buffets and have been disappointed, we suggest that you give this one a try. They've got more than just the standard toppings here. Why not try a coney pizza, a big mac pizza, a macaroni and cheese pizza, or even a BLT pizza? When you're all done stuffing your face with all that goodness, you can even indulge in some dessert pizzas! Beyond the typical soda pop, they've also got slushes here. Nice option, especially in the summertime! Fresh and clean atmosphere too.

Rico's Market

49538 Gratiot Ave
Chesterfield MI 48051
If you're traveling with a smaller group and looking to try something really unique, Rico's Market is a small Mexican market where you can dine at a little counter. The tacos are excellent, piled high with meat, cilantro, and onions just the way they should be. If you're a burrito lover like we are, trust us when we say that they are superb. You'll be able to choose from so many different types of meat here, including carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, chicken, chorizo, and even tripe and hog maws. Incredible shrimp cocktail, Mexican style, more like a soup than the American style shrimp cocktail that you're used to. Makes a great appetizer. Not a ton of room here, but still recommended for smaller Detroit Party Bus groups!