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Erie Township Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Frog Leg Inn Restaurant

2103 Manhattan St
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 848-8580
Frog Leg Inn Restaurant is a really charming place that has a unique ambiance all its own. We love the fact that they keep it pretty dim here, much like the bars and restaurants back in the day, and that gives it a really comfortable feel for those relaxing conversations that you want to have with your buddies who are traveling with you on the Detroit Party Bus in Erie Township. The food is just superb here. We mean seriously out of this world. Wait until you get a load of their plating skills. Wow! We're in love with all of their appetizers including the goat cheese and fruit, and for your entree you cannot go wrong with any seafood choice!

Tsou's Place

7350 Jackman Rd
Temperance, MI 48182
(734) 224-7211
When we try to think of friendly restaurants where you'll feel very comfortable when traveling with Detroit Party Bus in the Erie Township area, Tsou's Place pops into our minds right away! We just love the vibe here. It's not huge, so it may not work for the largest of the largest party bus groups, but even then there's carryout! This is the kind of Chinese food that will really knock your socks off. We are talking about delicious egg drop soup, all your favorite entrees that are stir fried with the most delicious fresh veggies, and such yummy options as General Tso's chicken and Mongolian beef! Oh, boy! We really love this place. Open til 10!

La Fiesta

11191 Telegraph Rd
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 848-6088
La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is an absolutely perfect choice for your Detroit Party Bus trip in the Erie Township area! We could not recommend this one any more highly than we do. The chips and salsa are the perfect starter and you will want to nosh on bowl after bowl of them! The chicken fajitas and beef enchiladas have always been two of our favorite choices on the menu. It's true that this is a more Americanized restaurant that is pretty heavy on the melted cheese, but a lot of us love it that way. Do you? They've got a nice little selection of beers on tap and you'll certainly do well to pair a cold one with your tasty Mexican meal. Very nice!

Maggie's Cafe

8970 Lewis Ave
Temperance, MI 48182
(734) 847-2233
It's always nice to find a local restaurant, locally run, that is infused with the soul and spirit of the folks who run it. Maggie's Cafe is a really nice one for our Detroit Party Bus travelers in the Erie Township area, and we think you'll really enjoy checking this one out when you're out here with us. The breakfasts are one of the best reasons to come in, and you'll love the hash browns so much that you'll want to just order a huge helping of those all on their own! We love the old fashioned vibe here, which is authentic! Maybe some would say that they need to remodel, but we love it just how it is and we hope that they never change it! True retro!

Webber's Restaurant

6339 Edgewater Dr
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 723-7411
Webber's Restaurant is a great seafood place that we think you'll really enjoy when you're headed to check out Erie Township with Detroit Party Bus. We love the charming appearance of this restaurant from the outside just as much as we enjoy the ambiance inside. There's nothing better than a big plate of steaming hot lake perch and fries here, and maybe to finish that off with a hearty helping of their homemade pie! It's nice to be right there on the water and to enjoy the beautiful setting with all of your best friends. The food seems to even taste better just because you're eating it right there by the water! There's something so great about that. Love it!