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Estral Beach Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria

2630 N Dixie Hwy
Monroe, MI 48162
(734) 289-3122
When Detroit Party Bus customers are coming through the Estral Beach area with us and wanting some yummy pizza, they often opt for Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria. This is a dive bar slash diner type of a place that must have been going strong here since the '40s, or at least it feels that way! It may not be quite up to its former glory but it's still a beloved spot in the area and we're happy to see that it's still doing strong business. The pizza is pretty good but the gems are really found on their extensive menu! There are lots of great choices here, such as submarine sandwiches and delicious mostaccioli! Look a little past the obvious and you'll be impressed!

Big Al's Sports Grill

34927 W Jefferson Ave
Rockwood, MI 48173
(734) 236-4812
When we think of Big Al's Sports Grill, the first thing that comes to mind is those delicious steak hoagies! No wonder our Detroit Party Bus partygoers love to stop in when they're in the Estral Beach area to fill up on all that goodness. They're usually pretty packed here, but despite that, the service is fast and friendly and they never miss a beat. They've got delicious hamburgers for your enjoyment here and even some Mexican delights that are surprisingly good! The drink prices are very cheap too, so you'll be able to really enjoy yourself with a few cold ones without having to empty out that wallet to do so! Great service and good times!

Mary Sacco's Pizza

3543 N Dixie Hwy
Frenchtown Township, MI 48162
(734) 289-9999
Mary Sacco's Pizza is located in the old Tiffany's Pizza location, and we've actually found that the quality and taste are quite similar, so if you loved that, you'll love this too! The folks who work here are super friendly and they're able to take big party bus orders over the phone with ease. They're open reasonably late too, until 11 most nights and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can stop in and get a bunch of pies to enjoy on the bus even if it's later in the evening after you've been hanging out at the bars. They accept credit cards here too, making it doubly easy to feed your Detroit Party Bus group on the go! An Estral Beach favorite!

Panda Chinese Restaurant

3541 N Dixie Hwy
Monroe, MI 48162
(734) 289-1555
Panda Chinese Restaurant has got to be one of the most indulgent places to eat in the Estral Beach area! This deliciously deep fried paradise of Chinese food will have you singing its praises for days to come! They serve huge portions too, so you can either gobble it all up yourself or share it with a friend! The carryout prices are very reasonable and it's great to pick up a huge batch of food to go and enjoy on the Detroit Party Bus! The crab rangoon is really delicious and we're absolutely in love with their super flavorful General Tso's! Just the right amount of spice and flavor throughout. We can happily report that they accept credit cards too!

Dixie Cafe

12720 Dixie Hwy
South Rockwood, MI 48179
(734) 379-4511
Dixie Cafe is an awesome throwback to the good old days, conveniently located in South Rockwood, which works just perfectly for our Estral Beach Detroit Party Bus travelers! They've really got a staff full of awesome folks here. Very friendly and they all seem to be friends too! They have a chicken parm dish that we cannot get enough of, and we'd also very highly recommend the breakfasts, which are wonderful! If you love a good greasy spoon diner type of experience, Dixie Cafe just may be what you're after. And they even accept credit cards and can accommodate your larger groups! Good stuff all around and very highly recommended to you!