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Historic Holly Hotel

110 Battle Aly
Holly MI 48442
Historic Holly Hotel is a wonderful place to stay and to dine. The prices are a bit expensive here, but it's certainly worth every bit. The dress code can only be described as dressy, so break out your finest garb and show off! There's plenty of room here for groups, and they do take reservations, so go ahead and call ahead to save yourself some time. It's classy and quiet here, so you can enjoy some good conversation instead of struggling to be heard over the din. The Panko-crusted rockfish is probably our favorite dish here, and the soups and salads are sensational.

Mama Maria's

969 S Ortonville Rd
Ortonville MI 48462
If you're wanting to have a delicious pizza in the Groveland Township area, Mama Maria's in Ortonville is your best bet. The prices are moderate and the quality is high. Note that the seating area is pretty small with just half a dozen tables or so, but it's very clean and tidy and inviting, so it's good for smaller groups. The pasta is perhaps even better than the pizza, with delectable choices like the pollo penne con la verdura, and the penne pasta with alfredo, mushrooms, and chicken. You'll want to pour over the menu for hours, but just pick anything and dive in, you'll love it!

Blackthorn Pub

105 S Saginaw St
Holly MI 48442
Blackthorn Pub is the gem of Holly. They're open until midnight Monday through Thursday and until 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. There's plenty of room here for larger groups, and the attire is casual, as is the ambiance. The prices are quite moderate, and they offer free wi-fi as well. There are televisions so you can catch the big game while you're there. They've got live bands on Saturdays, and a huge selection of beers on tap. Fish and chips is our favorite meal here, and the spicy bacon burger is quite noteworthy too! Blackthorn Pub is highly recommended.

Red Devil Italian American Restaurant

104 S Broad St
Holly MI 48442
How about that Red Devil Italian American Restaurant? We just love this places. The prices are so affordable for such a high quality of food, and the fun and friendly ambiance just makes you want to come back time and time again to soak up the vibes. They've got a sensational vegetarian lasagna that you'll really enjoy, and you can't go wrong with their pizelle and stromboli. They serve beer and wine here, so you can enjoy a nice chilled beverage of your choice with your meal. We think you'll adore this place just as much as we do, and we look forward to taking you there!

Bittersweet Cafe

112 S Saginaw St
Holly MI 48442
Bittersweet Cafe is certainly a sweet little place to dine, and the only thing bitter about it is the way you'll feel when you have to leave! You won't be able to wait for your return trip to savor those mouth watering delights. Note that the hours are quite limited here – they're open just until 4:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and only until 3:00 PM on Sunday. It's worth getting out there early for it, trust us! The roast beef with aged cheddar is really a fabulous sandwich, and the herbed turkey grill is also a great choice. Also try the pastrami reuben!