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Two Guys from Italy

23725 John R Rd
Hazel Park MI 48030
If you'll be visiting Hazel Park anytime soon and you're a lover of delicious Italian fare, we suggest making a visit to Two Guys from Italy. Our Detroit Party Bus customers are constantly requesting this as a destination on their trips, and there is absolutely no question why. The garlic bread is one of our favorite things here, and how about that mouth watering lasagna? Goodness gracious, it is delicious! The pizza is truly superb, with fresh mushrooms and fresh garlic, and if you're in the mood for eggplant, try the eggplant pizza or the eggplant parmesan! Ciao!

Bray's Hamburgers

22941 Dequindre Rd
Hazel Park MI 48030
Bray's Hamburgers has always been one of our favorite places to go for an old fashioned belly buster burger, and though we tend to visit the Ford Road location more often due to proximity, this one in Hazel Park is equally good! The donkey on the roof is braying for you to come visit, and as soon as you spot that guy, you'll know that it's time to pull in and enjoy a burger or a coney! The drive-thru is a cool convenience, but we suggest eating in with all your party bus friends. Though this restaurant is a 50s relic, its video games are pure 80s nostalgia. We love it!

Country Boy Restaurant

821 E 9 Mile Rd
Hazel Park MI 48030
Just hearing the name Country Boy Restaurant makes our mouths water, conjuring up images of their delicious fried pickles and sweet tea that tastes like it was brewed in the sun. They've got a newer patio in the front of this restaurant, so if you haven't been there in a little while, it would be a great time for you to head over there and check it out. They're open 24 hours so this is the premiere after-bar diner when you're partying in this area. Old fashioned and cool, and with a friendly staff that makes you feel right at home. Top notch!

El Chilango

21411 John R Rd
Hazel Park MI 48030
You haven't had Mexican food until you've had it at El Chilango. We love to begin with a hearty helping of their fresh guacamole, which is so creamy and smooth that your taste buds won't believe it! The carnitas will absolutely knock your socks off, and the carne asada is a truly delectable dish that no steak lover could ever resist. The chiles rellenos get rave reviews too, and the cochinita pibil is something that you're not likely to find elsewhere, so we highly recommend it! They do it right. Sensational beans and rice too, and lower prices than you'd expect.

Geno's Pizza & Pasties

24705 John R Rd
Hazel Park MI 48030
If it's been a while since you've had a real old fashioned pasty, it's time to head over to Geno's Pizza & Pasties right here in Hazel Park! You won't believe how delicious they are, just like you remember them from back in the day. Geno's is also known for its deep dish pizza, and we highly suggest that you give that a try too. The only downside to Geno's is that it's carryout only, but when you're traveling on the party bus, that's not a bad thing, because you can load up a big order for all your friends and enjoy it while you roll down the freeway! So fun.