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Big Tony's Pizza & Ribs

3521 Grange Hall Rd
Holly MI 48442
Big Tony's Pizza & Ribs is one of the most reliable places to go in Holly for a really great meal. We've dined here so many times with our friends over the years, and our chauffeurs have taken so many of our Detroit Party Bus customers to enjoy everything that they have to offer. The veggie pizza is an upgrade from the usual because it includes pineapples, and it's even better if you get the ranch crust! Yummo. Go for the extra large New York style and you'll be so happy that you did! We always get an order of ribs alongside our pizza too, which is a match made in heaven!

El Potrero 2

15190 N Holly Rd
Holly MI48442
Cheap and hearty, El Potrero 2 will never let you down when it comes to a yummy Mexican meal! Despite those cheap prices, this is authentic Mexican food. Nothing Americanized here. The carne asada is our favorite dish on the menu, but you can feel very comfortable ordering anything that you find there, because it's all just as damn good! Too tasty. If you're wondering about the chips and salsa or the rice and beans, we can assure you that they are the best around! Casual atmosphere and world class staff equals a very comfy and relaxed dining experience!

Historic Holly Hotel

110 Battle Alley
Holly MI 48442
The historic Holly Hotel is perhaps the best known place to stay and dine in Holly, and we couldn't possibly recommend it any more highly than we do. The lobster special, all six delectable courses of it, is definitely your most expensive option but it's also the one that's most worth it! You won't believe how great it is. The beef wellington is also an excellent option, and no matter what you order, you should indulge in the soups and salads because they are so great! True homemade goodness. One of our highest recommendations of all time is the Holly Hotel.

Sagebrush Cantina

14284 N Fenton Rd
Fenton MI 48442
Another one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Holly is Sagebrush Cantina. We just love the name, which conjures up images of an authentic half-indoor half-outdoor restaurant down in Mexico, where the warm breezes caress your skin and the margaritas flow like water. They do in fact have an outdoor seating area here that we think is just fantastic, and of course they've got those icy cool margaritas as well! The enormous portions of all their Mexican delights will keep you coming back for more, and you'll always have plenty of leftovers too!

Tom's Coney Island

15195 N Holly Rd
Holly MI 48442
All of our Detroit Party Bus customers call us up and ask, "What's the best coney island restaurant in the area that we're traveling to?" We can assure you that the best one in Holly is Tom's. This place has been going strong for so long now, and you can always rely on them for a tasty and perfectly prepared coney dog, a hearty breakfast, or even one of their mouth watering vegetarian options! The folks who work here are so super friendly too, and the atmosphere is so clean and tidy, always sparkling like new. Very highly recommended to our customers!