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Miyako Japanese Steakhouse

4000 Baldwin Rd
Auburn Hills MI 48326
If you're a lover of Japanese cuisine, you will love Miyako. It's one of those places where you and your friends get to sit around a tabletop grill and watch the chef work his magic right before your very eyes. It's simple to order here – just choose an entree or combo and they start cooking it up right then and there! We're big fans of the filet and the calamari here, but we have to stress the fact that there is nothing bad that you could possibly order here. Everything is fantastic! We love the mushroom soup that they bring out for you here, and the shrimp and noodles are particularly good here as well. Wonderful place for birthdays with some special touches for that day too!

Joe's Crab Shack

4975 South Baldwin Rd
Auburn Hills MI 48359
Joe's Crab Shack is always a fun place for casual dates or outings with friends. It's got the kind of ambiance that encourages having a few drinks and enjoying some boisterous laughter and conversation, and we just love that. Everything's good here, including the lobster bisque and the calamari. The crab dip is fantastic, and we're pretty much hooked on the coconut shrimp. The steampot is a great thing to share, so think about having that if you're in a group of four or so. Lots of food packed into that pot, that's for sure! For a drink, we suggest the Shark Bite. It definitely does have some serious bite! Great for birthdays, graduations, and celebrations.

Max & Erma's

4255 Baldwin Rd
Auburn Hills MI 48326
Max & Erma's is a cozy and casual restaurant that's just as good for family outings as it is for relaxed dates. It might not be a first date kind of place, but for a quiet relaxing night with your longtime significant other, it can be quite nice. The village salad is always a delicious choice here, with yummy greens, tasty almonds, pungent blue cheese, and crisp bacon. The tortilla soup is always a nice touch, and the Laredo steak will make your mouth water at first glance. They've got wonderful desserts here too, including a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie that everybody goes crazy over, especially the kids! Everything is highly recommended here.

On the Border

3930 Baldwin Rd
Auburn Hills MI 48326
Whether you like chain restaurants or not, we think you will really enjoy On the Border. They serve up really great Mexican food, along with a huge array of incredible margaritas and other cocktails. We love their endless enchilada deals and their Club Cantina deals (members only, so join!). We would strongly suggest ordering their sopapillas too, they are so good! The fresh guacamole is nothing short of addictive, and their salsa and pico de gallo is always great with chips or as an addition to your meal. Just pour it on over, either over your enchiladas or burritos, or over your rice and beans! You'll love everything they have here, including the desserts.

Panera Bread

4804 S Baldwin Rd
Orion Township MI 48359
Panera Bread might be a cross between a chain restaurant and a fast food restaurant (actually the difference between the two is debatable!), but it would be tough to deny the quality and flavor of their delicious breads, bagels, and other baked goods! We really enjoy coming in for a tasty sandwich and soup, especially on Fridays when they serve clam chowder. The Asian chicken salad is quite impressive, and the Frontega chicken will really blow your tastebuds away. They've got a wide array of delicious drinks here as well. It definitely doesn't hurt that they've got free wi-fi here too, without any hoops to jump through to connect to it. Great for getting work done while you nosh!