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La Salle Township Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Frog Leg Inn

2103 Manhattan
Erie, MI 48133
This has got to be one of the most elegant establishments and most pleasant choices to dine at in the La Salle Township area is Frog Leg Inn Restaurant, truly a haven for foodies in this area and beyond! The food is just amazing. There are so many delicious French favorites to try here, you'll just want to dive right in and have a bite of them all. The herb encrusted prime rib is one of our top choices here and we're also really big fans of the namesake frog legs! If you like things simpler, the hamburgers and salads are also really high quality and delicious. This dim and cozy ambiance is just ideal for your special celebrations with your Detroit Party Bus friends. You will definitely enjoy yourself here, no doubt!

Asiana Restaurant

315 South Telegraph Road
Monroe, MI 48161
If Chinese and Thai food are two of your favorite things in this world as they are for us, then you will be very happy if you choose to stop at Asiana Restaurant right here in the La Salle Township area. Detroit Party Bus partygoers definitely seem to enjoy this one, judging by their frequent requests and the smiles on their faces when they leave and pile back into the party bus! They have fantastic egg rolls here that are filled with yummy pork, and the volcano shrimp is one of our top choices for an entree! Spicy and good! The drunken noodles are a must-have too as far as we're concerned, just loaded with flavors and worthy of our order every single time!

La Fiesta

11191 Telegraph
Erie, MI 48133
La Fiesta Restaurant & Cantina is one of our top choices here in the La Salle Township area. We've had plenty of groups who request to go to this awesome restaurant, and they've all remarked about how cool the atmosphere is. It's just a very cozy place to relax and enjoy some good food and drinks. This isn't the most authentic place in the world, nor is it fit for foodies, but it's a nice low key place that serves up tasty food and good strong drinks. Sometimes that's all you need. They have great combo deals that will really help you to enjoy a large helping of food without paying an equally large price! The full bar and TVs for sports are a plus!

Dolce Vita Italian Grille

391 North Telegraph Road
Monroe, MI 48162
Maybe you're more in the mood for flavorful Italian fare when you're out here, and if that's the case, then we will point you to the always-reliable Dolce Vita. DV is a cool spot that offers up a nice array of things, including sushi, which might seem out of place at an Italian restaurant, but it's so good and fresh that you will not question it! The calamari appetizer is one of our favorite things to indulge in here and we've enjoyed the eggplant Parmesan on many occasions too. All of the food is simply incredible. If you're a fettuccine Alfredo lover, we can also vouch for the fact that that's amazing, so tasty and creamy and good! You're going to have a great time here for sure!

Nick & Nino's

391 North Telegraph
Monroe, MI 48162
Our prime pizza place in the La Salle Township area, then a classic choice in the area is Nick and Nino's. They use the little pepperoni slices here that curl up into perfectly greasy little cups of oil, and who can ever resist that? The fact that this is a combination of a pizzeria and a bar really makes it a must-visit for party bus travelers. You simply will not find a great vibe like this anywhere else! You'll want to hang out all night and enjoy yourself. There are more than enough TVs for those who want a great view of the game and they've even got free wi-fi too. Best times to come in? We'd say lunch and dinner, for sure. Did we mention that this is coal-fired pizza? Enough said! Don't miss out on this place, definitely schedule time to stop in!