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Luna Pier Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Gander's Family Restaurant

4219 Luna Pier Rd
Luna Pier, MI 48157
(734) 848-8913
If your travels with Detroit Party Bus bring you to Luna Pier, the top place that we'd recommend for a nice lunch or dinner with all your party bus pals is Gander's Family Restaurant. They really have so many great options here for you, including yummy fried fish, delicious fried clams, and of course total comfort foods like mashed potatoes and gravy. The portions are very large here, making it ideal for party bus travelers, and the prices are very low too, making it doubly so! This place has been going strong for probably about 30 years now and that kind of longevity doesn't happen without serious quality in the mix. Lots of fresh Lake Erie catches here too!

Frog Leg Inn Restaurant

2103 Manhattan St
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 848-8580
Frog Leg Inn Restaurant is another place that's such a Detroit Party Bus classic with our customers that our chauffeurs practically know the address by heart. This is the one spot in the Luna Pier area that is as close to "gourmet" or "foodie" status as can be. It's a little pricier than most of the other restaurants around here, but you're comparing diners and family restaurants to a more upscale choice, so that's hardly fair. And you'll be happy to pay these prices for such amazing food. We love absolutely everything here, including their unique appetizers, their burgers and pasta dishes, their crisp fresh salads, and of course the namesake frog legs!

La Fiesta

11191 Telegraph Rd
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 848-6088
If you think that a Mexican food craving might hit when you're in the Luna Pier area with Detroit Party Bus, then be sure to check out La Fiesta. This place has been here forever and they stick around because of the cool and friendly atmosphere and the yummy Mexican food. Now, it's not the most authentic place in the world and not what we'd call gourmet by any means, but they serve up huge portions of good food that will please your party bus group, and sometimes that's all you really need. The service is always friendly and the experience here is always very nice, enticing you to come back for more. Always a great option when in Luna Pier.

Webber's Restaurant

6339 Edgewater Dr
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 723-7411
If seafood is your thing and you're traveling in Luna Pier with Detroit Party Bus, then check out Webber's Restaurant! It's conveniently located on Edgewater Drive and they really offer a whole lot of fresh and delicious seafood options that will satisfy your cravings! The fish and chips are definitely delish to the max, and we just love to sit down to a hearty plate of that and then wash it all down with some pie and coffee. The seating is right there on the water so you can enjoy a beautiful view, and there's even a full bar, which is a major perk! They have more than enough room for your party bus groups here and they even accept credit cards. Nice!

Tsou's Place

7350 Jackman Rd
Temperance, MI 48182
(734) 224-7211
If a delicious Chinese or Thai meal sounds like it would really hit the spot during your Luna Pier trip with Detroit Party Bus, check out Tsou's Place. They have delicious soups here that are super high quality, including classic egg drop soup and yummy sizzling rice soup. Their beef lo mein is delicious and we're big fans of their szechuan shrimp as well.The mongolian beef and general tso's chicken are also mouth wateringly good. Should you be picking up carryout to enjoy on the bus, you'll be thrilled to know that they're always super fast getting everything ready, and it's always piping hot and delicious with no mistakes. Definitely no complaints from us!