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Sabina's Restaurant

3840 Oakwood Blvd
Melvindale MI 48122
If you find yourself in the Melvindale area, perhaps shopping at the new shopping centers in nearby Allen Park, you just might want to pop over to Sabina's Restaurant to enjoy some of their yummy Polish delicacies. They're open Tuesday through Saturday until 8:00 PM, it's very quiet and pleasant, and it's also wheelchair accessible. They do accept credit cards here, and the prices are good and low. We're big fans of the pirogies, golambkis, and paczkis, as well as their flavorful and delicious stuffed cabbage! All your classic Polish favorites are here. Hole in the wall ambiance, just the way we love it!

Canton Inn

19333 Dix Rd
Melvindale MI 48122
Canton Inn has been at the corner of Dix and Outer Drive for as long as we can remember, and it's no wonder why, with those mouth-wateringly delicious Chinese food dishes and the low prices that are attached to them! You'll love pouring over that menu and trying to decide which amazing Cantonese dish to try. The crab rangoon is absolutely the very best that we have ever had, the old fashioned way, with a generous scoop of crab cheese in the middle just like it should be. The egg drop soup is another of our favorite things here, and of course that almond chicken is a real winner! Too good to pass up.

Yum Yum Tasty Doughnuts

3741 Oakwood Blvd
Melvindale MI 48122
Yum Yum Tasty Doughnuts is such a classic in this area. We cannot imagine this spot without that familiar building with the yummy doughnut smells wafting out into the parking lot. The apple fritters are a major favorite amongst everyone who goes here. Lots of delicious new school flavors to compete with the old school favorites too – try the Oreo doughnuts or perhaps the banana cream. The cherry cheesecake is just ridiculously good. Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee along with those donuts and you are good to go! Such a cool old fashioned vibe here. Bagel fans, they've got you covered too, plus soup and chili. So good!

White Rhino Sports Bar

4238 Oakwood
Melvindale MI 48122
The White Rhino is constantly praised for being the best sports bar in the Downriver area, and we definitely agree with that! They have one of the nicest staffs around, a very comfortable vibe and atmosphere, and some of the lowest prices around. The waitresses are attractive and dressed in a way that the guys will appreciate, but without being so over-the-top that the girlfriends get jealous! They're super nice to everyone and always in a good mood. You'll come in to watch the game, and stay for the delicious food and drinks. Our favorite? The fish and chips, plus the cheeseburgers! Highly recommended!

Mel Bar

17993 Allen Rd
Melvindale MI 48122
Mel Bar has been a part of the Melvindale landscape forever now, and we simply cannot picture this city without it. The drinks here are good and stiff (and good and cheap too!), and you can always rely on some of those super cheap sliders to fill you up and satisfy you too. If you happen to be in town on a Thursday, you will definitely want to stick around for their steak dinners. The price can't be beat, and the quality is so good. Wonderful food and drinks, fun staff, great crowds, and that old fashioned atmosphere that none of us can ever get enough of. Don't miss this one when traveling with Detroit Party Bus!