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Memphis Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Ken's Country Kitchen North

69232 N Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-4747
Ken's Country Kitchen North has got to be one of the most casual and cool spots that you could ever relax with a great meal in Richmond and Memphis! Detroit Party Bus customers love to come here with their party bus groups to enjoy a hearty meal and just chill out for a bit. The breakfasts are really out of this world, with super fresh eggs and wonderful coffee. We'd highly recommend the skillets for those with a hearty appetite! If you're there for lunch or dinner, they've got a lot of really flavorful sandwiches and entrees to choose from, as well as soups, and they do breakfast all day in case you want it! Nice!

Mom's Country Kitchen

81057 Main St
Memphis, MI 48041
(810) 392-2210
Mom's Country Kitchen is another one of those laid back country spots in Memphis where Detroit Party Bus customers like to enjoy the vibe and the wonderful food. It's conveniently located right on Main Street just north of Bordman Road. They have a lot of classic choices here including delicious spaghetti and we're also huge fans of their pirogies with sausage. The service is super old fashioned and friendly here, and that's one of the main reasons that we recommend this one so very highly to our customers! Surely one of the best places in Memphis and beyond! Love this one!

Village Cafe

68940 S Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-3663
Village Cafe is a very relaxing place to enjoy some food when you're in the Richmond and Memphis area with Detroit Party Bus. It's casual and cool as most places in this area are, and the service is just great. We would very highly recommend the rib eye to you, and they've also got a whole lot of great vegetarian options to choose from as well. The breakfasts are very good and we're big fans of the baked potato soup as well as the potato pancakes! Oh, we could just go on and on about how great all the food is here. This is a family owned establishment and you can really tell. Love it here!

Crockett's Country Inn

8826 Gratiot Ave
Columbus, MI 48063
(586) 727-2728
Crockett's Country Inn is a must-visit for Detroit Party Bus travelers in the Memphis and Columbus area of Michigan. It's very relaxed and pleasant, and if you're there in the evenings you'll be able to take advantage of the fact that there's a full bar! How nice. The dinners are all first rate, including delicious steaks with fresh baked potatoes. The fish and chips is one of our favorite traditional dishes and they've even got some mozzarella sticks for appetizers that are very simple and delicious. When they've got prime rib on special, that's the best. Truly a top notch establishment!

Steverino's Restaurant & Pizzeria

2989 Kinney Rd
Emmett, MI 48041
(810) 384-6900
Steverino's Restaurant & Pizzeria is a real throwback to the good old days. It's just so comfortable and homey. You just want to walk right in and make yourself at home. The food is truly some of the best that we've had in the area, just simple and well prepared. The pizza is what they're known for and there's a good reason for that! The crust is really flavorful and the sauce is perfect! Just the right amount of cheese and toppings sets it all off perfectly. You will find this place at Bisco's Truck Stop, conveniently located off I-69 at Exit 184. A true Detroit Party Bus favorite!