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Milan Grill

39 E Main St
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7774
When our Detroit Party Bus travelers are passing through the Milan area and looking for a really great place to grab lunch, our chauffeurs know to always recommend Milan Grill, a place that is worthy of the city's name and definitely worthy of your visit. They have absolutely amazing french fries here that are on a completely different level than anywhere else. The hamburgers are awesome too, cooked to order and so tasty and juicy. They also serve hearty helpings of macaroni and cheese that will certainly satisfy all your gooey cheesy cravings, and if you want something that is a bit more upscale, the prime rib cannot be overlooked! Highly recommended.

Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers

25 Wabash St
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-1737
Another ideal lunch spot in the Milan area for our Detroit Party Bus customers is Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers. You can just tell by the name that it's a great American BBQ spot where you can kick back and enjoy a good meal with all your buddies. They have some of the tastiest pork sandwiches that we've ever had, piled high with meat, BBQ sauce, and crisp cole slaw. What a perfect combination! If you're in the mood for a burger, we'd recommend "The Big One" with fried onions and cheese on top! Can't go wrong with that. And they've got wonderful coneys and even deep fried mushrooms here. All your classic old fashioned favorites.

Highlander's Lodge

14480 Sanford Rd
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 508-6006
Highlander's Lodge is one of the most old fashioned places that you will find in the Milan area, just perfect for your trips out here with Detroit Party Bus. It's located in an old Moose Lodge and that fact just adds to the retro-ness of it all. With all the space here, it's too perfect for your large party bus gatherings and special celebrations, and they also host a lot of exciting events here that are fun to attend. There's a full bar and even outdoor seating, and they do offer televisions so you can get your sports fix while you're there. Despite that old fashioned vibe, they are hip to your preferred method of payment and they do accept credit cards! Affordable and smart spot. Love it!

China One

29 E Main St
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-8401
A really great Chinese restaurant in Milan is China One, with the owners hailing from the Fujian Province and bringing that style of Chinese dishes right here to our own backyard. Detroit Party Bus customers love to stop in and enjoy fresh and tasty food that's affordable an also ideal for carryout should you want to enjoy it on the bus. The pan-fried pot stickers are one of our favorite things to enjoy on their menu and we also go crazy for their sweet and sour chicken. The chicken with broccoli is very tasty, never bland at all, and the shrimp lo mein is also a wonderful choice. Excellent service here and it's also very quiet and pleasant.

Big Boy

1000 Dexter St
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-8871
Our final recommendation for Detroit Party Bus partygoers in the Milan area is Big Boy! It doesn't get any more classic than this for Michiganders and it's rare that you'll find someone in your party bus group who doesn't enjoy a hot meal here! They have some of the nicest people working here and they always seem to go at least a few steps out of their way to make sure that your time there is a pleasant one. Of course, not only do you have that array of classic Big Boy choices like their namesake burger and the slim jim, but you also have their delicious milk shakes and pies, just perfect for grabbing to take home with you on the bus. Perfect choice!