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Milford Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Lei Ting

525 N Main St
Milford MI 48381
Lei Ting is a great Chinese restaurant that's more old fashioned than modern, with the comfortable sit-down style of dining rather than carryout only, and in contrast to the currently popular buffet restaurants too. Everything is made freshly and with care, and it really shows. The staff works very hard here, and the customers reap all the benefits of that. The sweet and sour chicken is one of our favorite dishes, and the General Tso's chicken is also quite noteworthy. They have all the classic favorites here, and lots of fun drinks too, like Zombies and Mai Tais. They've even got those volcano drinks here. The nicest Chinese dining experience that you'll find in this area! Highly recommended.

Gravity Bar & Grill

340 N Main St
Milford MI 48381
Gravity Bar & Grill has been called "spendy," and we would not argue with that. You'll be paying anywhere from $20 to $30 for an entree, so if you don't have that kind of dough to spend, look elsewhere! However, we think it's totally worth every single dollar. They've got amazing mushroom soup, delectably fresh Caesar salads, a Teriyaki salmon salad that's also really amazing, and herb and goat cheese encrusted chicken that will have you singing its praises for days. The fried oyster app is also something that should not be overlooked. If they weren't aphrodisiacs to begin with, they are now! They're that damn good. Can't go wrong with any choice here.

The Bar

224 S Main St
Milford MI 48381
If you are looking for a great little American bar that is classy and smart, The Bar is your place. No fancy names, no pretense. Just excellent food and fantastic drinks. The burgers and steaks are our favorite things, especially the one that's got blue cheese, bacon, and dried cherries piled high, and the bar frites are fabulous alongside either that or a juicy steak. Maurice salads can be found here too! You'll be happy to hear that. They've got a nice selection of beer with some surprises for you to try. The ambiance is wonderful here, and they keep the place super clean. The staff is definitely on their game, working hard to keep things running smoothly, and it really shows.

The Villa Coney Island

160 S Milford Rd
Milford MI 48381
All of our customers are always asking where the good coney islands are, since they're usually out at the bars on the party bus and then they want to grab some delicious grub to head off that hangover! Well, The Villa Coney Island is definitely one of our top recommendations as far as coney islands and diners go. The food is excellent, whether you're there for breakfast or lunch. They've got all your favorite Greek items here as well as all those classic American favorites that you find on every coney island menu. Not a chain restaurant, just a homey and cozy little place that stands on its own without needing a franchise to back it up. We love it!

Cinco Lagos

424 N Main St
Milford MI 48381
Craving Mexican food in Milford? Cinco Lagos is your spot! The chips and salsa are what starts you off here, and they are so delicious! Crisp warm chips, flavorful cool salsa. The pork belly sopes are probably our favorite thing to order here – once you get a load of that flavor, you won't be able to get enough! You'll keep on coming back for more and more. The chicken flautas appetizer is also very nice, and you cannot go wrong with that highly recommended beef brisket! The whitefish with avocado is a very unique yet simple dish that we think is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Everything is super fresh, and the chef even comes around to say hello. Love this place.