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Orchard Lake Village Party Bus Restaurants & Bars


Tony's Deli & Restaurant

3258 Orchard Lake Rd
Orchard Lake Village MI 48320
Our top pick in Orchard Lake Village is without a doubt Tony's Deli & Restaurant. They open up bright and early at 7:00 AM every morning and you can enjoy their delicacies until 9:00 PM each night (except for Sundays when they close early at 3:00 PM). They accept credit cards here, so you can pay with plastic and not have to carry cash. The prices are super affordable too. Beyond the traditional sandwiches and deli trays, they also offer some Polish favorites like stuffed cabbage and potato pancakes! We'd highly recommend their chicken noodle soup as well, which of course pairs so well with a half a sandwich or a whole one if your appetite can handle it!

Sushi Samurai

4143 Orchard Lake Rd
Orchard Lake MI 48323
If you happen to be a lover of sushi like we are and you're traveling to the Orchard Lake Village area, you will want to remember the name Sushi Samurai. The name conjures up images of John Belushi in his samurai delicatessen SNL skit, but the menu conjures up images of nothing but the most perfect and delicious sushi in the world. We love the yellowtail sashimi appetizer and the salmon cucumber roll is really delicious and refreshing. The white dragon roll is also quite a treat for your tastebuds, featuring fried calamari. The fun thing about this place is that they've got a good number of TVs scattered around, so you don't have to miss the big game while you're there.

New Sahara Restaurant

29222 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington MI 48334
Our customers are always seeking great Mediterranean restaurants, and when we found New Sahara in nearby Farmington, we committed that name to memory because it was just too damn good to risk forgetting. If you're there for lunch we'd heartily recommend any one of their sandwiches, and we'd say that the chicken shawarma sandwich is the best one, though that's a matter of personal taste! If you're dining in, you'll want to dive right into those baskets of bread that they keep bringing to you. It doesn't matter how much of it you put away. It's always free. Note that they've got a lot of wonderful Chaldean dishes here, including kari, which is hard to find around here!

Nectars Wine Bar

4135 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield MI 48323
Nectars Wine Bar is a really great little spot to gather with friends in nearby West Bloomfield. They've got a sensational atmosphere and a wonderful staff that really goes out of their way to create a memorable experience for you. If you're hungry while you're there and not just there for the wine, we'd suggest their enormous and delicious ten dollar burger. You'd be surprised just how well that pairs with a crisp glass of wine. Lots of party bus trips end up at dive bars and dance clubs, but why not consider having yours end up somewhere classy and elegant like this cozy little wine bar? It's a great place to converse and to enjoy each other's company.

Lulu's Coney Island

1001 Welch Rd
Walled Lake MI 48390
Whenever our customers are out traveling in this area on the party bus, they want to know where's the best after-bar place to grab some coney island or diner fare. Lulu's Coney Island is the spot that we always recommend to them. Sure, it's in a strip mall, but so are 99% of the other coney islands and diners in Michigan. They've got all the traditional coney island and diner favorites here, but they've got some more enticing dishes too, such as a yummy stir fry with either garlic or pineapple. We've enjoyed that a few times ourselves and it really is very good. We'd also recommend the steak hoagies and the Greek salads. Can't go wrong with anything here!