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Papa Bella's Pizza

425 Mill St
Ortonville MI 48462
Stuck out in Ortonville and you don't know where to get a great pizza? Papa Bella's is definitely the spot. The crust is just so delicious here – hand-tossed and really fresh. The thin crust is also an excellent option here, which plays up the flavors of the cheese and toppings even more than the regular crust does. They have a lot of wonderful toppings to choose from, but we have a tendency to opt for the BLT pizza when we're out that way, because it's always so great! If you can't decide on a salad, let us suggest the antipasto to you! The flavors are just unbelievable. We're also huge fans of the cheese dip that they offer here. You should definitely consider that!

A&W Drive-In

470 South St
Ortonville MI 48462
We have always been great lovers of the A&W franchise, and we think you'd do well to make a visit to this one in Ortonville before the franchise goes belly-up! We're still hoping that rumor is untrue, but just in case, visit ASAP. The footlong coneys are still just as good as they always were, and there is nothing quite like a frosty cold mug of root beer (or better yet, a root beer float!) on a hot summer day. They've got excellent deep fried mushrooms here, which are an old fashioned treat that is too hard to find elsewhere anymore. The papa burger is always a good choice too, and the chili cheese fries are a go-to item that everybody on the party bus will love to share!

Harvey's Restaurant

39 N Ortonville Rd
Ortonville MI 48462
Harvey's Restaurant is one of the most charming places that you could ever dine in Ortonville. It's got that old fashioned country vibe that is pretty rare to see nowadays, and the service is equally friendly and old fashioned. They've got lots of old fashioned diner favorites for you to enjoy here as well as some newer surprises. Our go-to item here is pretty simple but so good – it's the tuna pita with french fries. We typically order extra lettuce and tomatoes to give it an even crisper and juicier bite! Yum. Breakfast is served all day long, so you can come in any time to enjoy some perfectly cooked to order eggs or perhaps an omelet with tasty hash browns. Everything's good.

Boat Bar

2000 Ortonville Rd
Ortonville MI 48462
Boat Bar is a great little biker bar or dive bar located right here in Ortonville, and if you are seeking a yummy hamburger and some drinks, this is the place to go in this town. It's very simple and old fashioned, just a small bar with a few menu items and the typical array of good stiff drinks. You've got one person running things here, which means cooking, tending bar, and waitressing. Despite that, the service is quick and you will never find yourself waiting long for food or a drink. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, and it's not a bad place at all to stop and enjoy a good drink and some great conversation with your party bus friends before you hit the road again.

MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge

650 S Ortonville Rd
Ortonville MI 48462
MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge is really a stand-out spot in Ortonville. You won't find too many Scottish restaurants in Michigan – in fact, are there any others? We don't know. But if you're a lover of shepherd's pie and haggis, this is the spot to get it. Note that the haggis must be ordered 24 hours in advance, so you'll want to make sure that you call ahead for that if you're a fan. If you're afraid of the idea of Scottish fare, don't worry. Most of the menu consists of traditional American favorites. The breadsticks are something that everyone that we know raves about, and they're free, so you can just nosh on those to your heart's content until your food arrives. So good.