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Petersburg Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Bricktown Coney Island & Diner

112 Main St
Dundee, MI 48131
(734) 828-6095
If you are headed out into the Petersburg area with Detroit Party Bus, may we suggest that you give Bricktown Coney Island & Diner a try? This is one of the most reliable places around here and it's one that our party bus customers request very frequently! We're told that they have the best corned beef hash around and that claim ought to be enough to have you adding this to your list of must-visit places during your trip with us! They also have amazing coneys that are just a buck on some days of the week, and macaroni and cheese that will really please your tastebuds! You can feed your whole party bus group on one thin dime right here. Very nice!

Great Lakes Eatery & Pub

103 Cabela Blvd
Dundee, MI 48131
(734) 823-5253
Out here in Petersburg, Detroit Party Bus customers know that they can always rely on Great Lakes Eatery & Pub! This is a cool spot with a diner/pub type of atmosphere and they have a nice little beer selection and a whole lot of great food to choose from. The frog legs have got to be our favorite thing on the menu but those have always been our weakness... the sweet potato fries go so well with them too! Yum! The fresh fish options are all excellent here too and we love the chicken chunks and hamburgers too! They are open until 10 most nights and 12 on Fridays and Saturdays, so it's not a late-late-night destination but a good late-night one indeed!

Carl's Hide-A-Way

2838 Lewis Ave
Ida, MI 48140
(734) 269-6288
Carl's Hide-A-Way might look like a simple dive bar from the outside but it's really a fantastic Mexican restaurant that everybody in the Petersburg area adores, including Detroit Party Bus partygoers who are traveling thru this area. We cannot say enough about how comfortable and cozy the ambiance is here. You'll want to get comfy and stay awhile! They have all your favorite Mexican dishes here plus some that you might be surprised to see. There is even a full bar here so you can enjoy all your favorite cocktails alongside all that gooey cheesy goodness! There are TVs for the sports lovers and they do accept credit cards. Enough said! A must-visit.

Lone Star Steakhouse

123 Whitetail Dr.
Dundee, MI 48131
(734) 529-8270
Steakhouses are always a good choice when you're on the road with Detroit Party Bus and when you find yourself in the Petersburg area, Lone Star Steakhouse is a great one to try. They are just as well known for their seafood as they are for their steaks, so you have plenty of options here and there's truly something for everybody in your party bus group. The sweet bourbon salmon is one of our top choices and we also adore the boneless ribeye. The steak and wedge salad with grilled sirloin is also an ideal choice, and we can't say enough about their big juicy cheeseburgers either! Awesome environment in which to chill out and enjoy a meal. Open til 10 most nights, 11 on Fri-Sat!

My Papa's Place

36 Saline St
Petersburg, MI 49270
(734) 279-1700
My Papa's Place suggests with the name a low-key, laid-back type of place where you'll be treated like family and be able to enjoy a great family style meal. In fact, that is absolutely what they deliver. Detroit Party Bus customers love the small town diner vibe of this Petersburg establishment and our staff loves it there too! The breakfasts are especially delicious here, so if you happen to be lucky enough to be traveling in the AM hours with us, you just might want to have your group pile in there for the perfect wake-up. Everything's freshly prepared with love, and you can really tell. Very nice folks working here and a super clean environment too.