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Raisinville Township Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Carl's Hide-A-Way

2838 Lewis Ave
Ida, MI 48140
(734) 269-6288
When our Detroit Party Bus customers in the Raisinville Township area crave Mexican food, we know that the best place to send them to is Carl's Hide-A-Way. This is a famous local spot that looks more like an old dive bar from the outside, but on the inside you'll find a spacious and comfortable Mexican restaurant that also offers a full bar and a really impressive selection of drinks. You'll certainly want to nosh on all of their classic favorites while you sip their delicious cocktails, and the ambiance will have you wanting to stay the entire night there, hanging with your friends and enjoying some great conversation and perhaps some sports on TV.

Little Brown Jug

7697 Bluebush Rd
Maybee, MI 48159
(734) 587-2343
If you're looking for an awesome American pub with a cool rustic vibe and wonderful service, Little Brown Jug in the Raisinville Township area is the perfect choice for your upcoming Detroit Party Bus trip. Not fancy, not pretentious, just comfortable and cool. They are known for their prime rib and that's definitely the thing that we'd recommend most highly. They also have amazing dollar taco night on Wednesdays, and you'll be shocked at how well-stuffed those suckers are for being so cheap! This is a full bar establishment but there are no TVs here. Sorry, sports fans. No free wi-fi either. They do accept credit cards though, and we say that trumps the other two!

J's Smokehouse

2070 S Custer Rd
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 497-5667
One of the coolest barbecue restaurants in the Raisinville Township area is J's Smokehouse, and you will certainly be glad if you choose to stop there during your upcoming trip with Detroit Party Bus. It's a dim and laid back joint where you can just chill and enjoy some good conversation with your party bus group, and what more can you really ask for than that? We love it. The Delmonico steak is our top recommendation here and we highly recommend the sweet potato fries as a side too! The ribs are very good as well. If you love ribs that fall off the bone, this is your spot. The cole slaw also is just so fresh and delicious, definitely highly recommended by us!

Blue Streak Snac Shop

3195 Lewis Ave
Ida, MI 48140
(734) 269-2430
Blue Streak Snac Shop is a cool place to stop in and grab some pizza or some ice cream and frozen yogurt! And what could be more fun than to enjoy all that on your Detroit Party Bus? We just love it. It's so old fashioned and cool here. It's more of a locals type of a spot than one that visitors usually know about, so you'll feel like you've discovered a little hidden gem, and you have! Should you decide to dine here, you can enjoy everything from burgers to chili fries to onion rings! It's an old fashioned diner type of experience but at a Dairy Queen-esque type of building. Sitting outside is fun, inside is possible if you've only got a group of ten or so! Nice spot.

Ida Tavern

2895 Lewis Ave
Ida, MI 48140
(734) 269-9155
Ida Tavern is possibly the most comfortable bar and grill that you will find in the Raisinville Township area, and it comes highly recommended by the Detroit Party Bus staff and customers alike! It's just beautiful here, lovingly decorated and well lit too but not so bright that it's un bar-like. They have awesome bar burgers here that will more than satisfy your cravings, not to mention really delicious steaks, and the service is super fast too. You can even play Keno while you're there, which we think is an awesome perk. They are open only until 9 on Sundays, but until 12 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then into the late-night til 2:30 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.