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Richmond Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars


Ken's Country Kitchen North

69232 N Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-4747
Ken's Country Kitchen North is a really excellent spot to stop with your Detroit Party Bus crew when you're in the Richmond area with us! Though it's got "country kitchen" in the name, the decor is really beautiful, and not very country-ish at all! The homemade cooking is just amazing. The stuffed pepper soup is one of the most wonderful things that you will ever have here, and we would very highly recommend the dill pickle soup as well. The Greek salad is always a smart and fresh choice too. No matter what you order here, you can be sure that it will be sensational. Great service too!

Village Cafe

68940 S Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-3663
Village Cafe has been a favorite of Detroit Party Bus's for quite some time now, thanks to our happy customers who have so enthusiastically told us about it! When they're traveling in the Richmond area, they always ask to stop here for some fresh and delicious food to fuel back up for their night of partying ahead! The ribeye is one of our favorite things to order here. Now, this is not a large place, so for larger groups you may want to utilize this as a take-out restaurant. But you'll be shocked at how quickly they have your order ready and how wonderful it is to eat on the bus!

Time on Main Street

69394 N Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 430-1731
Time on Main Street is another classic American favorite of Detroit Party Bus's in the Richmond area. The prices are really nice and affordable and you won't believe the high quality of the food that you receive for your money! There's tons of room here to accommodate even your larger party bus groups, and it's also excellent for take-out to enjoy on the party bus. The atmosphere is really pleasant here, with a feel that is akin to a real French bistro. The meals are presented with just as much flourish as the establishment itself, and the service too is superb. Very highly recommended!


69294 N Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-0402
Chaps is a nice laid-back spot in Richmond where Detroit Party Bus customers go to enjoy the sensational bar atmosphere and the unbelievable low prices! We love the fact that they separate the restaurant and bar sides so that you can choose a nice low-key dinner or a good fun night out, or both! But they wisely don't mash it all up into one experience. There are TVs on both sides too, great for the sports fans. You never have to miss a moment! The menu is quite large and filled with yummy items that you'll really enjoy, and they have really fast and friendly service that we think you'll appreciate.


67367 S Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 430-1893
Louisee-Anna's is a really standout place in the Detroit Party Bus service area, with a huge array of favorites that you will just love diving into, including delectable chicken wings, creamy ice cream and healthy-but-still-indulgent-tasting frozen yogurt. You can take advantage of this one for either dine-in or carry-out, and you will certainly enjoy your experience either way. We love the butter biscuits here and we're also huge fans of the jambalaya. The Cajun flavors are absolutely off the charts here and we cannot wait until you travel out to Richmond with Detroit Party Bus to give it a taste!