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Rochester Hills Party Bus and Limo Bus Restaurants & Bars

CITY: ROCHESTER HILLS | COUNTY: OAKLAND | ZIP: 48036, 48037, 48038, 48039

Miguel's Cantina

870 S Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills MI 48307
Miguel's Cantina is the go-to spot in Rochester Hills for Mexican food! We simply cannot get enough of this place. The tacos are fantastic, and the pico de gallo is so fresh! If you have never treated yourself to a pomegranate margarita, there couldn't be a better place for you to order one. They're the freshest tasting that we have ever had, and it just sets off all the flavors in your appetizer and entree so well. The guacamole is fantastic here, so consider that an essential. The people who work here really make strides to make your dining experience an incredible one, and that's what makes all the difference. Super high recommendation on this one.

Sukho Thai

54 W Auburn Rd
Rochester Hills MI 48307
Sukho Thai has never let us down when it comes to mouth watering Thai food. The pad thai is excellent here, especially with chicken, and we're also huge fans of their incredibly indulgent and delicious drunken noodles. Goodness, those noodles will induce some serious late night cravings, so you just might want to grab an order to go so you're not left jonesing for it at 2:00 AM! The pad prik is a very nice choice as well, which features yummy green beans and red curry, such a nice combo. The level of spice is just perfect for us here, and they are happy to customize it to your liking. Don't miss the tom yum either, it's superb!

Cheng's Restaurant

2666 S Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills MI 48307
Chinese food is at its finest at Cheng's Restaurant on Rochester Road. They've got dim sum available all day long, which is a very nice perk, and the entrees are just great here. The crispy chicken is quite delish, and they've got a tofu pot dish that is just packed with high quality Chinese vegetables and other yummy items such as chicken, pork, cabbage, tofu, squid, scallops, shiitake mushrooms, and so much more! You will really enjoy noshing on that one. The dumplings are sensational here too, and the radish cakes are a very nice thing to have, especially if you spice them up a bit with some hot sauce. Wonderful place to dine with friends and family.

Clubhouse BFD

2265 Crooks Rd
Rochester Hills MI 48309
We're not sure what the BFD stands for in Clubhouse BFD, but our guess would be big effin' deal, and it certainly IS a big deal! We love it here. There are tons of beers for you to choose from, 40 at last count, ranging from your favorite domestics and imports to a nice array of local craft beers. And it's not just the new stars, it's also the old classics. They've got them all. The ambiance is a mixture of things, from sports bar to hunting lodge, but we love it that way. The picnic tables are fun and the service is just great. For the food, we tend to opt for the barbecued pork sandwiches or the french dips, both of which are excellent. Yummy pretzel burgers too!

Hamlin Pub

1988 S Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills MI 48307
If you're looking for yet another great pub to add to your list of favorites, Hamlin Pub in Rochester Hills should certainly be in the running. They've got an excellent menu of all your favorites here, and so many wonderful drinks to choose from that are strong and classic. We especially love visiting this place during the winter months, because the place has that good old Christmas cheer and the servers even wear Santa hats to help usher the season in with a smile. The Monte Cristo sandwich is one of our favorites, and the L.A. fajita wrap is a great choice too. Event the pizza is good here, and of course the fish and chips are a must-have.