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Malek Al Kabob

22371 Goddard Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 203-2067
For authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Taylor, Malek Al Kabob. Service is friendly and efficient and the food is absolutely bursting with flavor. Whether you dine in or order food to go, you're going to be in for one delicious meal! The hot bread, fresh pita, chicken gallayah, fattoush salad, shish kabob, or any other of their delicious entrees will surely hit the spot. The garlic sauce at Malek is amazing, and we have a habit of putting it on everything! Their house made pita is amazing as well. All and all, we recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a hot, delicious food!

Pete's Place

12245 Telegraph Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 374-0088
A great American style restaurant to go grab an inexpensive meal, whether it's lunch or dinner or if you're just stopping in for something small in between. Service at Pete's is great, and the staff is always making sure that the diner has everything from drink refills to dessert if they desire. They also offer delivery and take out services for those wanting to grab and go, so to speak. For those in need of grabbing a quick bite while doing some computer work, they also provide free wireless. This restaurant is open seven days a week, accepts credit cards, and are both kid-friendly and can accommodate groups. They serve up some delicious soups and pirogies which are great!

O'Samurai Japanese Steakhouse

23471 Eureka Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 287-8868
Whether you go in this restaurant for the hibachi grill, sushi or another favorite dish, you are bound to get something delicious. They are open all week long, accept credit cards, groups, and is a moderately priced restaurant to bring the kids or a date. We love the ambiance here and you just can't beat the attentive service! Every dining experience at O'Samurai is a good one. This Japanese restaurant also takes reservations so you won't find yourself out of a place to sit on a date night when they are busy. A great place to grab some Japanese food in a quiet setting where you can enjoy a full bar as well!

Texas Roadhouse

14660 Pardee Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 374-5500
This restaurant treats you right with a pail of peanuts to snack on as you wait. We love the menu options here. They have finger lickin' good ribs which you'll need extra napkins for. Their steaks will send your taste buds for a whirl making you want more. Their wait staff is always on hand making sure that you have whatever it is that you need. You'll be glad to know that they take credit cards, can accommodate groups, offer take out services as well as take a reservation for your dinner plans so you can make sure to have a table even on the busiest of nights.


21142 Ecorse Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 383-1309
This restaurant is a great place to throw parties as they can accommodate groups large or small. The best nights to go there are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They offer a full bar which means whatever you want to drink you can get with no problem. Their Italian food is scrumptious from their pasta to the pizza. You really can't go wrong with any of their food. For dessert they have these delicious cannolis – so delicious that you really can't have just one. Their wait staff is wonderful and they make sure that you are never out of drinks. They keep refilling your colas and pops as many times as you like. The quality of food and service really make coming to this restaurant enjoyable plus you get to listen to great music while enjoying dinner!

New Hong Kong

8695 Telegraph Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 292-3050
This place serves up a mixture of Chinese food and delish seafood dishes. Taste the savory General Tso's chicken with the juices and sauce dripping all over the chicken. Their entire menu of Chinese cuisine is incredible. They also serve some American dishes like burgers, fries and chicken strips just to name a few. The wait staff always makes sure that you have plenty to drink and if you're in the mood for a delicious dessert they've got some great options. This restaurant gives you plenty of food for your money so be prepared to take home leftovers when you visit.

Key West Coffee and Cafe

12995 Telegraph Road
Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 287-7600
Takes reservations, offers take out and delivery services. Wait staff is great and they offer a full bar which makes it easy to choose what you would like to drink. They have a lot of great suggestions too. Key West Coffee has some of the best hot beverages in the city and their convenient location is open six days per week. Come in with some friends or a co-worker to get some coffee/tea and maybe something sweet and relax. Nice place to go unwind from either a long, hard day at the office or from school. What better way to relax after an exam or stressful work day than with something sweet and a cup of coffee? Key West offers a great atmosphere for discussion group for a book club or a poetry reading and then afterward enjoy a special treat.

Matador Restaurant

26747 Van Born Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 292-6364
Here's a wonderful twist as this restaurant serves both Mexican and seafood dishes. Whether you're in the mood for something spicy and zesty or something fresh from the sea (or both!) you can get it here. They have a delicious shrimp scampi with savory sauces that just make your mouth water thinking about it. The food is all incredible at Matador. Their wait staff is great as they are people-friendly and you can expect to always get your order quick and your drink to be refilled. Their enchiladas are scrumptious as are their taco salads. Desserts are well made and fresh all the time. They also have take out services if you are ever wanting to grab your next meal and run with it!


22905 Van Born Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 291-0943
Mykonos is Taylor's best Greek restaurant with authentic cuisine! You can make reservations and they offer take out services. The wait staff is great and efficient. They make sure all your needs are met from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave. This place is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant serves up Greek food and is a great place for families to come in and enjoy the casual dining experience. This restaurant can also accommodate groups so if you are ever thinking about Greek food for your next get-together this would be a great place to consider! They also serve delicious country skillets and country fried foods.

Little Daddy's Parthenon

22250 Eureka Rd
Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 287-8600
Wow, we love this place! If you're looking for Greek food meets classic Coney island type food then look no further than Little Daddy's because they have them both. Whether it is a gyro or a hot dog there's something for everyone at this restaurant. The atmosphere here is pretty quiet, but in a comfortable way, which makes it perfect for a quiet meal with the family. They offer take out services so if you are ever in the area and need a quick pick me up consider this restaurant. The wait staff is wonderful at making sure the customers needs are being met and go out of their way to make sure that you are happy. We've always loved this place!