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Detroit is an amazing city and was built on it's rich history, the auto industry, the great lakes, the Detroit River, the Renaissance Center and so much more! Even now through the decline in Detroit, the history of the city and it's people just scream at you. There is so much to know about Detroit and there are a lot of things that people just don't know about this wonderful and unbelievably breath taking city. There's really no way to completely encapsulate all of Detroit, what it has to offer and everything the city has been through throughout the years, but there are so many local Detroit museums that do just that! These museums will take you on a journey through time and space and show you exactly how Detroit became, well, Detroit!

The Yankee Air Museum

The Yankee Air Museum located in Belleville, Michigan is housed at Willow Run Airport which was built by the Ford Motor Company in 1941. The purpose of this place was to serve as an airfield for the B-24 Bomber Plant. The Bomber Plant was the first aircraft manufacturing plant to use Ford's mass productions. This led to the plant being able to hire 42,000 people and producing a B-24 every hour. The undeniable work force was led by a group of men known as the Yankee Air Force. The idea they all had was simple, create a museum that preserves Southeastern Michigan’s aviation history. This idea went from just an idea to a reality, efforts to build the museum began in the year 1981. The Yankee Air Museum showcases air crafts such as the B-25 (Yankee Warrior), the C-47 (Yankee Doodle Dandy), the B-17(Yankee Lady) and many more. The museum offers rides on all of these air crafts. Go to to book your flight experience today! If you're not a huge fan of riding in an airplane, there is 47,000 square feet full of permanent rotating aviation and history displays throughout the facility. The museum holds an Annual Gala every year in November, where guests can enjoy a cocktail hour, dinner and a silent auction. Tickets for the Gala are $200.00 a person, $375.00 a couple and tables are available for purchase. An 8 person table will run you $1500.00 and a 10 person table will run you $800.00. Tickets can be purchased on the website. Every year the museum holds the Thunder over Michigan air show! The show usually takes place at the end of August, and it is one of the greatest air shows in Michigan. Kids 15 and under get in for free. Regular priced tickets for the 2015 show will go on sale in November 2014, for an amazing discounted price! The Yankee Air Museum is a great place to learn about the air craft industry!

Motown Historical Museum

In 1959, Berry Gordy Jr., borrowed $800.00 from his families savings club, Ber-Berry Co-op and began the Tamla Record Company in Detroit. He then purchased the home at 2648 W. Grand Blvd in Detroit where the Motown record label was established, and the home on W. Grand Blvd is known by everyone as the Hitsville U.S.A building. By the mid 70's Motown Records was the biggest independent record company in the world. The Motown Historical Museum includes a total of eight houses which were acquired by the company when their operations kept growing and growing. One of the coolest parts about this museum is that you are standing in the same spot where artists like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross and The Jackson Five recorded their hits! The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday and tickets run different everyday. Tickets for Friday through Sunday for adults will run $15.00, Tuesday through Thursday tickets for adults will run $12.00. Seniors who are 62 years and older will get in everyday for $10.00 and children 12 years of age and younger will get in for $8.00. Get your tickets today and come experience the greatness of Motown!

Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum, located in Detroit's Cultural Center on Woodward Avenue is where your time travel throughout Detroit’s History begins. Throughout the museum, there are over 300 years of history through creative displays and artifacts. There is an 8,000 square foot Motor City exhibit which is focused on the automobile industry, automotive heritage and it also features an actual working auto body drop from General Motors Clark Avenue family. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday. You can go to to get your tickets today!

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Other Museums in Metro Detroit

Michigan Science Center

Michigan Science CenterThe Michigan Science Center is a great place for field trips, date night/day, family day our or just for fun! The entire museum is packed from wall to wall with fun and informative stuff! From the Space exhibit, Health and Nutrition exhibit, Motion exhibit and the Engineering exhibit. Going to the Michigan Historical Museum will teach you so much! The museum provides a fun way to learn Science for kids who aren't so into it. The museum offers Birthday parties, family fun day and camps. They operate Wednesday through Sunday and tickets come in packages. The first package, the SuperSPARK will get you general admission and 2 theater experiences, Fantastic FLARE will get you general admission, one space exhibit and one theater experience, Big-time BLAST will get you general admission plus one theater experience and Explore EXPLOSION will get you general admission and one theater experience. They offer General admission tickets as well. Go to to get your tickets today! You will NOT be disappointed!

The Henry Ford Museum

The goal of the Henry Ford Museum was to showcase American innovators who have changed the course of history through innovation, and to showcase a chronicle of American life. The Henry Ford isn't the only thing the Museum has to offer, Greenfield Village, Ford Rouge Factory Tour, the Benson Ford Research Center and the IMAX Theater. Inside Henry Ford, you'll learn about the auto industry, and see replicas of the Wright brothers' Flyer, the limousine that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in and the only remaining prototype of the Dymaxion house.

The Ford Rouge Factory

Over at the Ford Rouge Factory, which was built by Henry Ford from 1915 through 1921, you'll go on a tour throughout the plant. You’ll go through the Legacy Theater where you'll learn about the triumphs and tragedies that surround the rouge. Next stop will take you to the Art of Manufacturing Theater where you'll get a 360-degree look at how Ford vehicles are made! The Observation Deck Tour will give you an unbelievable view at the ground breaking living room from a deck that is placed 80 feet in the air. The Assembly Plant Walking tour will take you where the new Ford F-150s are assembled, you'll be able to view the final assembly from an elevated walk way. The Legacy Gallery will showcase five historical vehicles that were made at the Rouge, at this point in the tour you'll be able to visit the Factory Store. Get your wallets ready because there is so much amazing stuff to get!

Greenfield Village

If you've been to Greenfield Village before then you know that it is like stepping right into a time machine! Going to the Village will take you back to the 'olden' days where everything was done by animals, people, and hands! Throughout the village there are 83 historic structures, from Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory, to Noah Webster's home where he wrote the first American Dictionary to the courthouse where Lincoln practiced law. You can also ride a Model T through the village, pull glass with amazing artisans, watch baseball from 1876 or even ride a train with a 19th century steam engine. Have lunch from an 1850s menu, spen a moment quietly pondering the home and workshop where the Wright Brothers invented the very first airplane! Greenfield village is a place that upholds a celebration of people and a celebration of all of the people who had the optimism, knowledge and innovation, which ultimately came to define modern day America. Come get a blast from the past at Greenfield Village, and visit the Ford Rouge Factory, the Henry Ford Museum, the Benson Ford Research Center and the IMAX, today! Plan your visit now by visiting! Tickets are inexpensive and it's a great place to see a lot of different parts of Detroit History in one single place!